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What are we solving?

It is hard for software talents to develop themselves due to:

Information overload

There is too much content to consume online and offline. The overwhelming amount of data leaves you confused in implementing what you "learn".

Lack of Proper Career Guidance

It is hard to receive top-notch, actionable advice from actual individuals who have achieved what you want to achieve.

Non-curated job opportunities

There are too many technology job opportunities out there. Some don't match your skills, expected level of compensation, company culture. Some companies don't even understand their own job requirements for technical roles. This means it is hard to find quality career opportunities.

How we solve it

To solve the development problem for developers, we have created the Angat Community which provides:

Online Resources

  • Webinars by mentors
  • Online courses by mentors
  • Curated online resources

Offline Events

  • Workshops
  • Casual meet-ups
  • Seminars

Mentorship from technology experts

Get one-on-one advice from people you aspire to be professionally

Highly relevant job opportunities

Receive exclusive, pre-filtered job openings relevant to your preferences. These include top VC funded start-ups, remote and relocation opportunities.

Meet some of our mentors

Daniel Kehoe

Author of "Learn Ruby on Rails"

Luis Sia

Co-founder and CGO, PayMongo (YC S19)

Martin Gomez

Chairman, National Olympiad in Informatics

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